Monday, December 6, 2010

Taking a Backseat

Megan Collins,  a Cochran parent and Lock Haven University student, has spent two days in our room.  She has been showing the students how to incorporate movement with words and letters.  The class loves having visitors and even more so when they bring great ideas and activities.  I loved that while she was teaching, I got to take a backseat and watch the kids.  It is so cute to watch them interact with each other, share ideas, and respond to another adult.  I have to admit I felt like the proud mom as they would say and do cute or smart things.  It is good to have moments where I am not in "charge" and feeling like I need to be on top of every behavior.  Watching them as someone else teaches helps me to see them as the fun loving kids they are.  Thanks Megan, for teaching the kids and myself something while you were here.

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