Monday, September 19, 2011

Sit down with me.  Let's say at a coffee shop, with some great music, good with me?   I can't wait to tell you about some amazing kids I get to spend my days with. There is the sweetest boy names Aa'JuJuan.  He is always one you can count on to be doing the right thing!  Oh then there is Abriel.  She has the warmest eyes.  She is so generous.  I just love Andreanna.  Her little button nose and sweet little voice are so endearing and on top of it she writes me sweet notes.  You will love Brea.  She gives great hugs and has a smile that totally lights up the room! Connor has this great presence about him.  The kids and I are all drawn to him.  Maybe it is his cute, kind of raspy voice that I can't get enough of. Element, may be tiny, but she is full of personality.  Whether it is her sparkly headbands or sunglasses on her head, she knows how to have style!  Emauni has a heart of gold.  She is a friend to all and is always there to help and lend a hand.  Ian M. is full of excitement.  His hugs are so sweet!  Ian P. is so caring.  He is  aware of others feelings and has a special place in his heart for his sister Ivy, oh and dinosaurs.  Jayceon is so lovable.  I am telling you when he smiles at you and just want to squeeze him!  Kayli is a girl who knows what she wants and is willing to do the work to get her there.  Lanessa is so quiet and sweet.  She amazes me at what she is taking in. For Logan you are going to want something to record him.  This kid has the sweetest voice EVER!   Matthis is a strong kid, in stature and personality.  I can picture him doing some big things.  Miraya is a small but brave.  She has a love for her brother Mikey that knows no bounds.   Nadia is so full of life.  She can be serious when needed but she has such a fun, silly side as well.  Page is so nurturing.  She wants to take care of me and the other kids.  So sweet!  Savanna S. is one smart girl.  She is my go to girl for helping out!  Savannah P. makes my day.  She has such a zest and love of life!  Sylas is a great mix of a fun kid and an old soul.  He seems to have so much wisdom, but then can turn around and be so silly.  Now don't let Thomas fool you.  You might think he is a little reserved at first.  Give him about 2 seconds. He will have you laughing. Plus he has a great laugh! And Zahryn rounds us out.  She has beautiful eyes that are so expressive.  I can count on her to straighten anything up around our room.  Here let me pull out some pictures of them so you can see.  And then let's meet here again next week.  I can only imagine where they will be in a week.

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  1. Absolutely love it!!!! It's so wonderful to see Savanna making friends with all the other kids, especially her favorite friend Savannah P. I can't wait to come into the classroom some time and spend time with all these wonderful children!!! They are so blessed to have such a fantastic teacher who cares so much about them!!!