Monday, November 1, 2010

The magic of believing

If seeing is believing then this is a class of writers.  I wish I could capture the amazement in their eyes when they realize what they are capable of.  I see it in Zaiden's eyes when he brings me his paper with his "Z" written on it.  He timidly hands me his paper; "Teacher look, I think I wrote my name."  It is in that moment I realize how his self esteem and idea of himself as a writer is in my hand.  Thankfully I am running on a full nights sleep so I am sharp enough to realize the importance of this moment.  I take his paper, wrap my arm around him and say "Oh my word Zaiden, you are a writer.  You wrote your Z."    For the rest of the day, that paper was folded up in his pocket, ready to be pulled out and unfolded for anyone who crossed his path that day..."Look I am a writer."  They say it is the little things.  Teaching kindergarten  reaffirms this.  Some days it is a much as the Z written on the paper that calls for celebration. Now that Zaiden believes he is a writer, just try taking paper and pencils away from him.  He is writing all the time.  What looks like gibberish today will slowly throughout the year  transform into everyday words.
Ezekiel is writing about game stations.

Can you tell these girls are hard at work?!

This is Elise's story from the first few weeks of school.
This is Elise's story on the 44 day of school.  It reads...
I want a pet horse.
Mom can I have a pet horse.
(in the picture) I really want a pet horse.

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  1. Great Job Mrs. Edler's Class!! You are authors and illustrators!!